Maldives Holiday Destinations

About Maldives

Encompassing a territory spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometres, the Maldives is one of the world's most geographically dispersed countries. It is located southwest of India and Sri Lanka in the Laccadive Sea. The chain of twenty six atolls stretches from Ihavandhippolhu Atoll to the Addu Atoll. Maldives is the smallest Asian country in both land area and population. The archipelago is located atop the Chagos-Maldives-Laccadive Ridge, a vast submarine mountain range in the Indian Ocean. With an average ground level elevation of 1.5 metres above sea level, it is the planet's lowest country. It is also the country with the lowest natural highest point in the world, at 2.4 metres. The capital and main city is Malé. The meaning of capital “Male’” means “the Blood of the fish”.

Historically linked with the Indian subcontinent, the Maldivian practices Islam as the religion. From the mid-sixteenth century, it was dominated by colonial powers: Portugal, the Netherlands and Britain. The islands gained independence from the British Empire in 1965. It became a republic in 1968 and is ruled by a president. The administrative form of government is unitary. The Maldivian economy is dominated by tourism and fishing. The country is classified as a low-middle income economy.

Our destinations

In 2011 some local laws were changed and it allowed for guesthouses to be built and operated on local islands opening new opportunities for small family businesses to be established. Hundreds of guesthouses have been built since then and accommodation on local islands provides a balance of comfort, good service, local atmosphere and value for money. We can provide a full range of diving and non-diving activities combined with accommodation in our partner hotels in all of our local destinations:

Hulhumale - Kaafu Atoll

Hulhumalé is a reclaimed island located in the south of North Male Atoll, Maldives. The artificial island was reclaimed to establish a new land mass required to meet the existing and future housing, industrial and commercial development demands of the Malé region. Hulhumalé is linked to the airport island with a causeway making it very easy to reach without additional boat trips. Close distance makes this urban island a destination of choice for short period visits.

Furaveri Island Resort & Spa - Raa Atoll

Dive Club Maldives is pleased to offer you a true Maldivian resort experience. Furaveri Island Resort & Spa is the newest addition to our dive centers. The island of Furaveri, 151 kilometers (95 miles) from Malé International Airport, is accessible by seaplane directly or domestic flight followed by speedboat. Guests will be greeted and received by one of our airport representatives at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport and escorted further to the check-in counter. The breathtaking seaplane transfer to Furaveri Island takes about 45 minutes.

If you are looking for a hassle free travel deal, our holiday packages include everything you need for a perfect holiday in the Maldives starting from the moment of arrival. Offers include required transfers to and from the islands, various diving / non-diving activities and accommodation in our partner hotels that are certain to make your stay in the Maldives a perfect and everlasting memory.

Seasons of Maldives

Maldivians co-exist in relative harmony with their natural environment adapted to the workings of nature by devising and adopting ways to determine its changes and transformations. Nothing shows as clearly as this subtle and complex calendar of the Maldivian profound practical knowledge of nature and their careful adaptation to their environment. Nakaiy also serves in determining seasons for fishing, planting and harvesting fields.


Nakaiy is a calendar system, a derivate from the Indus Valley Civilization, based on observations of subtle changes in the weather. Each Nakaiy is a 13-14 day period each with their own characteristics and weather patterns, based on the positions of certain groups of stars (asterisms). The year is divided in twenty-seven Nakaiy which are grouped in two distinctive seasons Iruvaa and Hulhangu.


Iruvaa (the North-East Monsoon) has nine Nakaiy and runs from December 10 to April 7. Iruvaa means “easterly winds”, in reference to the winds which blow mainly from the East, though slightly deflected, during the season. The Maldives enjoys its best weather. Expect no rain, low humidity and blue skies. This is considered to be the high season for diving and accommodation prices are considerably higher during this season.


Hulhangu (the South-West Monsoon) has eighteen Nakaiy and runs from April 8 to December 9. The word Hulhangu has its etymological root in the Sinhala word Hulanga meaning “wind” alluding to the fact that the Maldives usually experiences strong winds accompanied with stormy weather during this time. Even tho this is often called the rainy season it only means that there might be rain as in the other season it is almost impossible. This is considered to be the low season for diving and accommodation prices are considerably lower during this period.