Gulhi Island

Kaafu Atoll

Kaafu Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives. It is located in the central part of Maldives. Consists of Kaashidhoo Island, Gahaafaru Atoll, and Malé Atoll (which includes the North Malé Atoll and the South Malé Atoll). It also has a number of uninhabited islands. Atoll capital is Thulusdhoo even tho the capital of Maldives – Malé is also located within the same atoll. The whole island group, the Maldives, is named after its capital and the word "Maldives" means "The islands (dives) of Malé”. Kaafu atoll is the tourism hub of the country as the only international airport - Ibrahim Nasir International Airport is located there. Every tourist arrival to the Maldives first reaches in Kaafu atoll before getting transferred to their final holiday destination – resort or a local island.

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Tourism in Gulhi island

There are more than 10 guest houses in Gulhi island, and being close to Maafushi gulhi has become one of the most popular beach around Noth male atoll.

Holiday Packages for Gulhi Island