Back Faru is an easy drift dive as it's well protected by the strong winds during the southwest monsoon season, and also because it's not greatly affected by the currents. It's not uncommon to see snorkelers on the site as well, as the reef is very shallow at the top and then it gradually gets deeper. Visibility is also usually very good divers.


25 minutes away from Hulhumale


Napoleons, Moray eels, Turtles, Sharks

Reef Type


Diving Depth

Min 5m / Max 30m

The Marine Life in Back Faru

Whitetip Reef Sharks

Triaenodon Obesus

Blackside hawkfish

Paracirrhites forsteri

Clarks anemonefish

Amphiprion clarkii

Surge demoiselle

Chrysiptera brownriggii

Fusilier damsel

Lepidozygus tapeinosoma

Maldives blenny

Ecsenius minutus

Moorish idol

Zanclus cornutus

Spotted unicornfish

Naso brevirostris

Starry triggerfish

Abalistes stellatus

Titan triggerfish

Balistoides viridescens

Reef triggerfish

Rhinecanthus rectangulus

Blackedged pufferfish

Arothron immaculatus

Honeycomb sharpnosed puffer

Canthigaster janthinoptera

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