• 5:30
  • 1.5

The fluo dive experience

Do you want to discover night dive in a way you’ve never experienced before? Would you like to look at the under water world around you with different eyes? If so, dive club has a special adventure waiting for you: the fluo dive. Taken at night, when the underwater world is dark, a fluo dive trip will show you a side of the ocean you might never have dreamed possible. Corals, fish and other creatures will take on mysterious, otherworldly colors beneath the fluo dive lamps, quite literally becoming as different as night and day. Once you finally bring yourself to return to the surface, your view on the sea will be forever changed.

Trip Itinerary

We will leave around 5:30 from Male or Hulhumale and jump just before the sunset. After 45 minutes of under water adventure, we will be back in town by 7:00 pm.

what is fluo dive and how it works?

Under normal sunlight, tropical corals and fish offer a bright display of colors and shapes. Getting a chance to see these colors is one of the main reasons people dive; the exotic rainbow beneath the waves of Bonaire is an impressive sight. Beneath these colors, however, lies a hidden secret – a secret which the UV light of a fluo dive lamp can reveal. If you’ve ever seen a white object under a black light lamp, you’ll know that it doesn’t appear white at all. Instead, white objects glow a mesmerizing blue, due to the fact that the wavelength of the light is absorbed by the white surface and re-emitted as another wavelength, creating a different color. This process is known as fluorescence and forms the core of the fluo dive experience. Many sea organisms have fluorescent pigments in their bodies which will glow under ultraviolet wavelengths. During a fluo dive, you’ll be able take a UV lamp with you and shine a different light on the ocean’s inhabitants.