This package is all about fun-filled activities which includes a trip to two private Sandbanks and a combination of WaterSports activities such as Jet Ski riding, Banana ride and many more.


You’ll start off the trip with the half an hour journey to two private Sandbanks. The private Sandbank is one of the nicest places to go especially for couples. Afterwards, comes the barrage of WaterSports activities. Firstly, you’ll go Jet Ski riding which is available for 30 minutes. After which, you will go Banana Riding which is very fun especially for groups. Moreover, you’ll go Paddle Boarding and Fun Tub is also included in this fun-filled package.
Minimum number required is 2 person.

Per person: $150

Time and Day

830 - hours


  • This package includes:
  • Trip to Two Sandbanks
  • Life Jacket
  • Jet Ski Riding
  • Banana Riding
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Fun Tub
  • 6% GST is included
  • Minimum 2 person required

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Sandbank & WaterSports Package

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