• English Name : Bigeye thresher shark
  • Local Name : Loabodu kandi miyaru
  • Family : ALOPIDAE
  • Order : Lamniformes
  • Size : Max. 4.6 m
  • Distinctive Characters: A large shark, with enormous upper caudal lobe, roughly equal to the length of the rest of the shark. Deep groove on each side of the nape; profile of head distinctly intended over eyes. Eyes very large, extending onto dorsal surface of head. First dorsal fin much larger than second.
  • Colour: Purplish-grey above, lighter below. Light ventral colouration not extending over pectoral fin bases. Habitat and Biology: Oceanic, in depths to 500 m. - - Feeds on pelagic and benthic fishes, also on squids.
    Ovoviviparous, with uterine canibalism, number of young usually 2 per litter but sometimes up to 4. Distribution: Circumglobal in warm seas.
  • Remarks: Alopias superciliosus is readily distinguished from the other species of thresher sharks by its peculiar head shape. It was first recorded from Maldives by USSR research vessels (Gubanov, 1978).