Maldivian Name: Falhu miyaru.

  • Habitat: shallow bays, mangroves, island lagoons, and coral reefs

  • Location: Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, central West coast of Africa, Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, Tahiti, South Africa, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, throughout India's coast, and eastern coast of China.

  • Size: range between 4-5 feet

  • Description: Blacktip sharks are long snout sharks with a gray body and white underbelly. Their name comes from the black marking on their fins which tend to fade with age.

  • Diet: fish, crustaceans, squid, and octopus

  • Feeding Habits: faster swimmers, stay near surface in large schools and

  • jump out of the water to catch prey

  • Lifespan: longer than 12 years

  • Offspring: 1-10 per litter every other year

  • Status: Near Threatened

  • Threatened by: human destruction, and finning!Alt img

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Biodiversity of Maldives
Biodiversity of Maldives