• EnglishName: Bludger trevally
  • Local Name : Mushimas handhi
  • Size : Max. 90 cm
  • Family: Order : Specimen
  • Distinctive Characters: First dorsal fin 8 spines, second dorsal fin with 1 spine and 28-32 rays. Anal fin with 2 detached spines, followed by 1 spine and 24-26 rays. Breast naked to behind pelvic origin and laterally to pectoral origin. Adults with mouth cleft at level of lower margin of eye.
    Colour: Olive green above, silvery white below; a few brown or golden spots sometimes present mid- laterally; opercular spot dusky and usually inconspicuous.
  • Habitat and Biology: Semi-demersal, general at depths over 20 m. Large individuals usually solitary, juveniles form small schools. Feeds on crustaceans, cephalopods and fish.
  • Distribution: Indo-Pacific.
  • Remarks: Carangoides gymnostethus is not a common species in the Maldives. This report constitutes the first published record of its occurrence in the Maldives. It is occasionally caught by deep hand-line and bottom long lines. This species was previously known as C. gymnostethoides.
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Biodiversity of Maldives
Biodiversity of Maldives