• English Name : Bluestripe pipefish
  • Local Name : Noorongu venu bandeyri
  • Size : Max. 8 cm
  • Family : Order : Specimen :
  • SYNGNATHIDAE Gasterosteiformes MRS/0244/88
  • Distinctive Characters: Dorsal fin with 21-29 rays. Body rings 17-19. Tail rings 13-17. Sub-dorsal trunk rings 3-5. Superior trunk and tail ridges discontinuous; inferior trunk ridge ending on anal ring; lateral trunk ridge continuous with inferior tail ridge.
  • Colour: Bluish mid-lateral stripe on orange to reddish background and small fan like tail. Habitat and Biology: Occurs in reef crevices.
  • Distribution: Indo-Pacific.
  • Remarks: D. excisus abbreviatus is the Red Sea sub-species. The closely related Doryrhamphus bicarinatus has recently been recorded from the Maldives.
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Biodiversity of Maldives