• English Name : Bullet tuna
  • Local Name : Geburu raagondi
  • Size : Common to 30 cm; max. 50 cm
  • Family : SCOMBRIDAE
  • Order : Perciformes
  • Distinctive Characters: Two dorsal fins, the first with 10-11 tall spines, separated by large interspace, the second fin followed by 8 finlets. Pectoral fins short, not reaching as far as dorsal patterened scaleless area. Anal fin followed by 7 finlets. Corselet (band of scales along lateral line) relatively well developed, usually 10-15 scales wide under second dorsal fin origin.
  • Colour: Dark bluish above, silvery below. Scaleless area on back with about 15 or more relatively broad dark bars.
  • Habitat and Biology: Epipelagic; neritic and oceanic. Feeds on fishes like anchovies and sardines.
  • Distribution: Circumtropical.
  • Remarks: Auxis rochei is very similar in appearance to A. thazard (next page). It differs, however, in a number of small details; the length of the pectoral fins, the breadth of corselet and the dorsal patterns. A. rochei appears to be rather rare in Maldives, specimens occurring only occasionally among the large catches of A. thazard landed at Male´┐Ż? fish market.
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Biodiversity of Maldives