• English Name : Clearfin lionfish, Clearfin turkeyfish
  • Local Name : Hulhu fanhaamas
  • Size :Max. 20 cm
  • Family : SCORPAENIDAE Order : Scorpaeniformes Specimen : MRS/0099/87
  • Distinctive Characters: Dorsal fin with 12-13 spines and 11 rays. Anal fin with 3 spines and 5-6 rays. Pectoral fin with 16 rays. Pectoral fin rays very long, reaching well beyond caudal fin base, more than half their length free of membrane. Tentacle over eye without frills or dark cross bands.
  • Colour: Reddish to brownish, with about 5-6 broad dark bars on body, separated by pale lines. No dark spots on fins.
  • Habitat and Biology: Benthic, in shallow waters to a depth of about 30 m. A shy and nocturnal species. Feeds mainly on crabs and shrimps.
  • Distribution: Indo- Pacific.
  • Remarks: Pterois radiata is easily recognised by the pair of horizontal white lines along the caudal peduncle.
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Biodiversity of Maldives
Biodiversity of Maldives