-Maldivian Name: naru nagoo madi.

-Habitat: shallow bays, , island lagoons, and coral reefs

-Location: Most of coral reefs in Maldives , specially shallow lagoons.

-Size: 1.5 meters.

-Description: Occurs in large lagoons. A uniformly colored yellow - brown stingray with long, whip like tail, black beyond the sting.

-Diet: fish, and bottom dwelling mollusks.

-Feeding Habits: By moving together with groups

-Lifespan: longer than 12 years

-Offspring: 2.6 per litter every year

-Status: non aggressive, but it has up to 3 venomous spines on the tail.

-Threatened by: human destruction.Alt img

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Biodiversity of Maldives
Biodiversity of Maldives