• English Name : Oceanic whitetip shark
  • Local Name : Fee miyaru, Feeboa miyaru
  • Size : Max. possibly 3.9 m
  • Order : Carcharhiniformes
  • Distinctive Characters: A large, stocky shark. Snout short and broadly rounded. Teeth in upper jaw broad, triangular and serrated. First dorsal fin very large and broadly rounded. Pectoral fins very long and rounded. Ridge between dorsals.
  • Colour: Grey above, pale below. Tips of first dorsal, pectorals and lower lobe of caudal white. Black markings on posterior fins particularly noticeable in young.
  • Habitat and Biology: Occurs in oceanic waters but also occasionally in coastal waters. An apparently sluggish species often accompanied by pilot fishes. Feeds mainly on fishes and squids. Viviparous with yolk-sac placenta; number of litter 1 to 15 with larger females having larger litters.
  • Distribution: Circumtropical.
  • Remarks: Carcharhinus longimanus is a common oceanic shark. It is readily distinguished from other white-tipped sharks by its large rounded fins. A potentially dangerous shark with a few attacks on record, but normally unlikely to come into contact with man.
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