EnglishName: Snubnose rudderfish,Blue sea chub
Local Name : Kirulhiya mas
Size : Max. 45 cm
Family: Order : Specimen :
KYPHOSIDAE Perciformes MRS/0048/86
Distinctive Characters: Dorsal fin with 11 spines and 12 rays. Anal fin with 3 spines and 11 rays. Pectoral fin rays 17-19. Soft portion of dorsal fin distinctly elevated higher than tallest dorsal spine. Preoperculum very finely serrated with a blunt spine. Snout short and profile steep.
Colour: Dark grey above, lighter below. Longitudinal dark lines on sides. Silvery band below eye. Fins mainly dark brown.
Habitat and Biology: Occurs in shallow coastal waters. Swims in groups high in water column during the day, but at night it swims alone near the bottom. Omnivorous but feeds mainly on benthic algae.
Distribution: Indo-Pacific.
Remarks: Kyphosus cinerascens is very similar in appearance to K. vaigiensis (Quoy and Gaimard), but both can be differentiated easily on the basis of fin counts and shape of the dorsal fin. In K. vaigiensis the dorsal soft rays usually number 14, and are not higher than the dorsal spines.

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Biodiversity of Maldives