• EnglishName: Spot-tail sandperch
  • Local Name : Lah nigoo alathandu
  • Size : Common to 18 cm; max. 26 cm
  • Order : Perciformes
  • Distinctive Characters: Dorsal fin with 5 spines and 21-22 rays. Anal fin with 1 spine and 17 rays. Pectoral rays with 17-18 rays. 8 canines at front of lower jaw. Membrane from last dorsal spine joins first dorsal ray opposite tip of spine. Snout narrow, the lower jaw length greater than its width.
  • Colour: Light greenish-brown dorsally, speckled with brown; white ventrally. A horizontal row of small yellow-edged black spots on lower side. A large black spot in caudal fin with a white area behind it. Females with small black spots on head, males with diagonal dark brown lines on cheek.
  • Habitat and Biology: Usually found in coral reefs and sandy areas near reefs and rocky outcrops, from the shoreline to moderate depths over the continental shelf. Carnivorous.
  • Distribution: Indo-West Pacific.
  • Remarks: Parapercis hexophthalma is a fairly common inhabitant on Maldivian reef flats. It is usually seen
    propped up on its pelvic fins. P. polyphthalma is a synonym based on the female form.
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Biodiversity of Maldives