• English Name : Spottail shark
  • Local Name : Dhon miyaru
  • Size : Max. about 1.6 m or more
  • Order : Carcharhiniformes
  • Distinctive Characters: Snout moderately long and pointed. Upper teeth serrated, triangular and angled posteriorly. Anterior nasal flaps with a short slender, narrow lobe. Second dorsal fin low with long free margin; length of base more than twice fin height. Ridge between dorsal fins.
  • Colour: Pale grey. Black spot on lower caudal lobe, also on second dorsal and pectoral tips. A conspicuous white band on flank.
  • Habitat and Biology: Occurs in inshore and sometimes offshore waters; often found around coral reefs, at depths up to 140 m. Feeds on small bony fishes and cephalopods. Viviparous, with a yolk-sac placenta; number of young 3 to 6 per litter.
  • Distribution: Indo-West Pacific.
  • Remarks: Carcharhinus sorrah is not seen very often in Maldives. But individuals are occasionally caught in or near the atolls while handlining at night. This species appears to live near the bottom and its noticeably pale colouration may be a useful camouflage on sandy bottoms.
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Biodiversity of Maldives