• EnglishName: Two-spot red snapper
  • Local Name : Raiymas
  • Size : Common to 55 cm; max. 75 cm
  • Family: Order :
  • Specimen : LUTJANIDAE
  • Distinctive Characters: Dorsal fin with 10 spines and 13-14 rays. Anal fin with 3 spines and 8 rays. Pectoral fin with 16-17 rays. Body depth 2.4-2.9 in standard length. Body moderately deep. A prominent groove or pit in front of eye containing the nostrils. Caudal fin slightly emarginate.
  • Colour: Reddish brown body, darker above and paler below, scales of body with whitish spots. Margins of pelvic, anal and caudal fins white. In young, two white spots present on sides. Sometimes shows distinctly tripartite pattern: dark grey-red above; medium orange laterally; silvery below.
  • Habitat and Biology: Found on coral reefs, sheltered lagoons and outer reefs, usually at depths between 10 and 70 m. Often solitary, but sometimes forming large schools. Feeds mainly on small fishes, crustaceans and cephalopods.
  • Distribution: Indo-Pacific.
  • Remarks: Lutjanus bohar is perhaps the most common large snapper in the Maldives. It is a popular food fish, although its flesh can be somewhat chewy. This species has been implicated in ciguatera poisoning in other countries, but not in the Maldives.
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Biodiversity of Maldives