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Dive Club Maldives rents nearly everything you would need to go diving. From cylinders to wet suits to regulators and everything in between. We supply only the highest quality equipment from manufacturers like Acua Lung, Cressi, Mares, Suunto, Beuer, Seac and Beuchat.

Rental availability is first come, first served. When possible, reserve early and and confirm the availability of rental gear in advance for the dive.

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Last modified: 04th February 2016

THIS AGREEMENT is entered into between Dive Club Maldives (DCM) and the “RENTEE” named above hereinafter referred to as the “LESSEE”, for the rental of scuba and / or skin diving equipment.

LESSEE agrees to operate the Equipment in a careful and proper manner, and to obey and comply with all laws and regulation for dive operation in the Maldives.

LESSEE acknowledges that the equipment is in good working condition and that he/she has examined the equipment to ensure that its free from defects, including checking both the quality and quantity of air in any scuba tank(s) rented. The LESSEE also agrees to maintain both Equipment and any and all accessory gear in a safe, dependable condition during the term of the rental period.

LESSEE agrees not to use, nor permit the use of the Equipment for any unlawful purpose; carelessly or negligent manner or any person under the influence of alcohol and or any controlled substance or not equally qualified.

LESSEE agrees to be responsible for any individual fines and penalties due to violation of the law. Any and all charges related to the impoundment or retrieval of the Equipment that results under the terms of this agreement will be charged to the LESSEE, along with any lost rental time.

LESSEE assumes all risk of loss or damage to the Equipment from any cause and agrees to return the Equipment in the conditions received from the DCM, with due consideration to the normal wear and tear.

LESSEE represents and warrants that he / she has read this entire Rental Agreement and that LESSEE fully understands all terms and conditions of the Rental; and that LESSEE is freely and voluntarily signing, agreeing to and entering into this Rental Agreement.

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