Service Center

Our service center consists of specialized equipment's and Qualified ASET Technicians and capacity of accommodating more than 100 cylinder at once.

Cylinder Testing

We have a range of adapter to fit almost any cylinder thread size. E.g M25, M18, DAN Oxygen cylinders, taper threads etc.

We keep copies of the latest Cylinder testing standards on our premises, not just the free Luxfer Visual Inspection Guides. This ensures that we can fully test your cylinder to the correct standard.

Dive Club Maldives uses the most advanced cylinder testing tools available when carrying out a visual inspection such as the Visual Plus 3 Eddy current NDT tester and a ultrasonic thickness gauge.

Compressed gas cylinders are designed with a safety factor that is measured by testing the cylinders with one of the following methods:

  • Non Water Jacket Volumetric Testing
  • Water Jacket Volumetric Testing
  • Proof Pressure Testing

Dive Club Maldives has a volumetric water jacket hydrostatic test system capable of testing cylinders up to 10 000 psi 680 Bar.

Our hydrostatic test system has a working gauge, a master gauge and calibrated test cylinder. The working gauge is checked against the master gauge monthly and a calibration error chart is produced. This chart lists the error that the working gauge is reading and an adjustment is made during test to ensure that the correct test pressure is applied.

At the beginning of every day the hydrostatic test system is in use the system is checked by hydro statically testing a calibrated cylinder. If the test results are not accurate then the system is fully checked for a fault and the calibrated cylinder is retested until the fault is rectified.

By having a calibrated working gauge and a calibrated test cylinder you can be sure that should a cylinder fail the hydrostatic test (cylinders rarely fail the test) it is not due to faulty equipment.

Dive Club Maldives has a complete range of adapters and tools to be able to test most makes of Scuba diving and SCUBA cylinders. If you have cylinders that need testing and the thread size is not listed here please bring them in and we may be able to make an adapter to fit.

  • 3/4-14 NPSM
  • 7/8-16 NPSM
  • G3/4 -14 BSP
  • 25-2 mm parallel
  • 18-1.5 mm parallel
  • 1/2 inch NGT taper
  • 0.6 inch taper
  • 0.715 inch taper
  • 19.8mm taper

Scuba cylinders

In Thailand scuba cylinders are required to undergo a hydrostatic test every 3 years in accordance to the Thai testing Standard. As this standard is only written in Thai language and widely unknown most cylinder testers follow the standard associated by the Cylinder manufacturer. DOT for USA cylinders, and EN cylinder testing standards for cylinders from Europe, both the DOT and EN standards require the cylinder to be tested every 5 years. A cylinder that is out of date cannot be filled by law.

SCUBA cylinders

There are a variety of SCUBA cylinder manufacturing specifications and the hydrostatic test requirements for each cylinder may vary. For SCUBA cylinder testing the manufactures requirements and local standards must be consulted. In Thailand the testing requirements for SCUBA cylinders are as follows.

  • Test pressures are based on USA testing procedures, the test pressures vary from country to country.