Feydhoo finolhu

Kaafu Atoll

Maldives - Feydhoo Finolhu

Feydhoo Finolhu is the name of island right next to the dive site. This reef is a wall dive with hard corals found at the shallow top reef of 4 meters Wall is covered with a variety of coral, gorgonians, whip-corals, sponges, clams and many others. Small crevices are home of variety of nudibranches, crabs, shrimps and other macro critters. Schooling barracuda can be seen from time to time. There are many Green Turtles found inside the larger caves which are often filled with glassfish. Get accompanied by friendly batfish that like to follow the divers like they are part of our group.

  • Location: 25 minutes away from Hulhumale
  • Highlights: Groupers, Turtles, Tunas
  • Reef Type: Housereef
  • Diving Depth: Min 4m / Max 30m
  • Experience: For beginners / Advanced divers