Maagiri thila

Kaafu Atoll

Maldives - Maagiri Thila

This reef is a protected marine area, which is known by our divers as fish “soup”. It owns this nick name due to its abundant fish life. The fairy basset with their colorful males dominate the reef. In some seasons the glass fishes are taking over. The reef is than covered with a thick layer of fish, which is a thrilling experience. Two peaks, rising up from the atoll bed, looking like a camel’s back. The larger of the two humps is about 30 meters in diameter with steep sides and top at 8 meters. The second hump has its shallowest depth at 13 meters. Both peaks are covered with newly grown hard corals, which offer protection for a diversity of colorful fishes.

  • Location: 30 minutes away from Hulhumale
  • Highlights: Oriental sweetlips, Ribbon eels, Moray eels, Napoleons
  • Reef Type: Thila
  • Diving Depth: Min 8m / Max 25m
  • Experience: For beginners / Advanced divers